Senior visual identity designer

fireball is looking for an ambitious, experienced and extremely skilled identity designer

At fireball we do Commercial Identity Design.
In other words – we design to sell. We know that design has the power to change businesses, so we base all our creative work on insight and strategy (fact is - if we didn’t, we might as well be a decorating firm).
We are on the outlook for a new senior designer. A talented and passionate person that excels in transforming strategy into powerful aesthetic experiences.

- view design as a strategic discipline.
- value insight and keep the big picture in mind - even when attending to details.
- have impeccable taste and precise aesthetic judgement
- have 5 years of experience working with identity design – on corporate-, brand- and product level
- working on both analogue and digital platforms
- can present us with substantial case-work on the development and implementation
of corporate visual identities as well as on breathtaking packaging and product design
- are ambitious, passionate and packed with team spirit – just like all your new colleagues at fireball

Send your application and portfolio to
If you have any questions, feel free to contact our CEO Rasmus Simony: or phone: +45 20714112
Interviews are conducted as the right candidates come along